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Buy your very own copy of Eminent Domain!  Now available on! 

Michael Campbell's haunting soundtrack for Eminent Domain now on iTunes! 


"In short, this is an evocative, engaging and well-structured piece — not what you might expect from a first-time playwright. No wonder it was a finalist in last year’s Eugene O’Neill National Playwriting Contest."

-Omaha World Herald

"I need to talk about Leininger-Campbell's script. I can't find my words to express how impressed- how moved I was by her words. She is a brilliant writer."

-Broadway World

"For one so new to playwriting, she has insights and ways to express them equal to produced writers with much more extensive experience. She makes these characters more complex and substantial than you might initially think...The love radiates."

-The Reader 

"This show is about the importance of the land in rural Nebraska. It is the heart and soul of the country. The acting is superb. The story is ripped right out of the headlines. The characters are believable, and you care about the turmoil they are going through. You get deeply involved in their personal problems and care about the outcomes."

-The NonPareil

"Omahan's Play About Pipeline Battle Will Have Its World Premiere in Omaha"

-World Herald

Eminent Domain's world premiere will open Omaha Community Playhouse's 2017-2018 season:

"Omaha Community Playhouse to Premiere Two Shows by Local Talent in Coming Season"


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