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In 1994, the lives of three generations of artists intersect within New York’s chaotic Millinery District when Lark, an aspiring actress, takes a job with eccentric hat designer Beatrice Price. Lark’s odyssey within the dark canyons of gritty Manhattan will introduce her to a group of fierce and dynamic women that will challenge her estimations of herself, and inspire her the rest of her life.  What makes a successful artist?  Is it genius,  or is it encouragement? How will traumatic misfortunes manifest within what we create?  2022’s runner up for the Henley Rose Playwriting Competition, Buried Phoenix illuminates a poignant journey through the eyes of five defiant women, all struggling to make their voices heard.

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Chosen as a 2019 PlayLab entry in the Great Plains Theater Conference, Worms is a harrowing tale told "sometime down the road."  As an incredible blizzard bears down upon the patrons of the Nightcrawler Tavern, one of them bursts into the bar with news of attempted murder, and far worse events to come.  In the smallest town in the very center of a new America, Worms is a tale of reckoning, redemption, and revelation.

A 2016 Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference Finalist, Eminent Domain tells the relevant story of a Nebraska family farm threatened by the construction of an oil pipeline and the ensuing conflict that emerges within. On the surface, Eminent Domain exposes the hard-fought battle between Nebraska farmers and corporate energy. Dig deeper, and the greater struggle is revealed: the fight to preserve our Heartland's farms and the livelihood of the people who live here. Our most crucial resource is not just hte land we are privileged to attend--it is our kin, our clan, and our heritage.

Flight 537 to Springfield is experiencing delays, and the passengers waiting in Gate 23 are experiencing each other.  Will their humanity outlast the mechanism of modern-day air travel?

A timely and hilarious satire that explores the irrationality of modern-day air travel; along with the pressures that threaten our own rational views of each other and our differences.  Terminal captures a compelling snapshot of our humanity in the one crucible that equals us all:  an airport.

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